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Re: Integrating Machine Learning Software and Datasets withing debian

Hi Soeren,

thanks for the fast review!

On 06/18/2010 07:35 AM, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-06-17 at 16:46 +0200, Christian Kastner wrote
>> On 06/14/2010 05:36 PM, Christian Kastner wrote
>>>   - Test the shared libraries against third-party code
>> Haven't done this, but seeing as the above binaries compiled and worked
>> fine using the libs, I see no reason why third party code shouldn't.
>>>   - Test liblinear's BLAS dependency against the CUDA implementation
>> Skipped for now.
> I would claim that is useless anyways (except all data is in GPU mem).

I guess you are right.

>>>   - Octave interface(?)
>> Skipped for now. Help from an experienced octave packager would be
>> appreciated.
> I guess I should do that - but maybe for the initial version we don't
> need all the interfaces.

I am inclined to agree.

> I've had a look at the packages. Good job. My only concern currently is
> that the package description is too long and that I am not sure if it is
> really worth to have extra tools etc packages (that might be esoteric
> though)

Package description has been truncated as to your suggestions.

As for the tools packages, did your "extra" refer to having them
packaged separately or packaged at all?

> So I would really reduce the package description down to the point and
> potentially add a README with more information (or put it in the
> manpage).

I added a pointer to the respective Debian.READMEs strongly recommending
upstream's README, as they contain all this (and more) information to
avoid duplicating efforts.

git repo and .dsc have been updated with the changes (with one or two
other minor fixes).


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