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Re: Integrating Machine Learning Software and Datasets withing debian

On Thu, 10 Jun 2010, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> we have been setting up freshmeat like repositories for machine learning
> open source software ( http://mloss.org ) and data sets
> ( http://mldata.org ) trying to make open source software/open data more
> widely known within the machine learning community (also organizing
> workshops and establishing in the ``biggest'' machine learning journal
> http://jmlr.org).

yeap -- you've done great job!

> I would wish to improve integration between the above repositories and
> debian. So my question: Who is interested in packaging machine learning
> packages?

hm...  I guess at least
you: shogun, weka
me: mvpa, scikit-learn, mlpy, vowpal-wabbit

> Would it make sense to form a machine-learning maintainer
> group (similar to debian med).
may be...

As Christian Kastner (new maintainer for libfann) pointed out, there is
indeed lack of visibility for "machine learning in Debian".  His concern
was received few hours after I've pushed machine learning task into
Debian science blend, so he got fascinated when I pointed him out to the
freshly generated webpage. Since maintainer group requires people,
atm it might be worth starting with a wiki page pointing to the blends
task, and trying to formalize the longer standing goal for possible
maintainer group (otherwise, without clear advantages, co-existence
within debian-science seems to be logical way forward)

> In addition, having heard Andrea Tille's talk about debian blends
>  http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/machine-learning
> I wonder if we could have pointers from mloss.org to the respective
> debian packages/wnpp's etc.

That would be great!  Having interacted with NITRC.org (specific to my
domain) Michael has improved our neuro.debian.net with
icons/references/popcon for any project which is also listed at
NITRC: e.g.
Moreover, as you can see, it has links to corresponding blends (Med,
Sci) tasks pages.

On the other side (NITRC), they have "Associations" and anything present
in NeuroDebian (as a representative of Debian at NITRC), is listed to be
'is part of' NeuroDebian:

IMHO it greatly improves visibility of Debian within the community of
NITRC (primarily neuroscience and psychology people).

So, could mloss.org get something similar? e.g. mentioning what software
is known to be part of Debian or may be it is WNPP (i.e. was ITPed and
might be coming to Debian)?

In the long term, it would have been great if such inter-referencing
between software portals, Debian blens, and Debian could become more
pronounced at debian.org proper (e.g. packages listing etc).

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