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Re: reference management

Hello Jameson,

On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 08:21:23AM -0400, Jameson Rollins wrote:
> Hi, folks.  I'm curious what people here use for reference management
> software.  Obviously I want to maintain/export bibtex databases, but I'm
> also particularly interested in options that can import, parse, and
> maintain a local database/library of pdf files.  I've been looking at
> the following options that I've found available in Debian:

I package the cb2bib program which I find excellent. It has a number
of features that other software has, but it can parse reasonably well
a library of pdf files and extract data from them.

Plus it will listen to the clipboard and when text is selected, it
will parse that text and automagically create a new BibTeX record.

Duplicate entries are detected provided it is asked to do so.

Maybe you could try it. 

Best regards,

Filippo Rusconi, PhD - CNRS - public key C78F687C
Author of ``massXpert''     at http://www.massxpert.org

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