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Integrating Machine Learning Software and Datasets withing debian

Dear all,

we have been setting up freshmeat like repositories for machine learning
open source software ( http://mloss.org ) and data sets
( http://mldata.org ) trying to make open source software/open data more
widely known within the machine learning community (also organizing
workshops and establishing in the ``biggest'' machine learning journal

I would wish to improve integration between the above repositories and
debian. So my question: Who is interested in packaging machine learning
packages? Would it make sense to form a machine-learning maintainer
group (similar to debian med).

In addition, having heard Andrea Tille's talk about debian blends
I wonder if we could have pointers from mloss.org to the respective
debian packages/wnpp's etc.

Anyone interested in this potentially with even time to work on this?

For the one fact about the future of which we can be certain is that it
will be utterly fantastic. -- Arthur C. Clarke, 1962

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