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reference management

Hi, folks.  I'm curious what people here use for reference management
software.  Obviously I want to maintain/export bibtex databases, but I'm
also particularly interested in options that can import, parse, and
maintain a local database/library of pdf files.  I've been looking at
the following options that I've found available in Debian:


Neither of them are that great.  I really don't like java, so jabref is
out.  referencer is flawed, but ok.

I've also looked into Mendelay and Zoltero.  Mendelay is not free (as in
speech), and it actually didn't even work on my squeeze system.  Zoltero
is an iceweasel extension, which is really not what I want (although
they appear to have a standalone version in the works [0]).

I've also looked at the following available bibtex managers:


but they don't manage local libraries.

I also found ebib [1], which is an emacs-based bibtex manager, but which
is unfortunately not in Debian.  It seems decent enough, but again, it
doesn't import pdfs or manage a local library.  I was thinking about
offering to package it for Debian, though, if anyone else is interested.

Do people have any other good suggestions?  Like I say, I really want
something that will manage my personal local library of pdf files.
Ideally, an emacs interface that integrates with reftex would be divine.
Maybe some work on ebib could achieve this.


[0] http://www.zotero.org/blog/standalone-zotero/
[1] http://ebib.sourceforge.net/

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