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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

- debian-science-psychology
Same as -pharmaceuticals.
Ermm, psychology applications (e.g., software for response time measurement or cognitive testing) are definitely NOT the same as pharmaceutical aplications.
I'm sorry to be unclear: My remark that this should be covered by Debian-Med _if_ there would be such applications available is the same as I made it for pharmaceutical - I know that these are different dields or research.

Oh, now I see.  That helps a lot, thanks!

As a sort of clarifying comment... I see the process that's going on here as people hashing out a taxonomy of potential task packages, organized around the generally accepted divisions among disciplines.

It may not always make sense for things to stay in debian-med's tasks, even if that's where they've traditionally lived. It may make more sense for them to migrate to other task sets / packages, and for debian-med's tasks to inherit wholesale from those tasks. Or it may not :)

I sense some potential concerns about debian-med's thunder being stolen by a set of upstart science tasks; I'd like to see the folks involved in making the work happen get all of the accolades and credit possible while simultaneously sorting out the proper taxonomic arrangement for these packages in debian as a whole :)

I'm looking at something like debian-science-sociology as a potential sibling to debian-med; the community there is not nearly as advanced w.r.t. adoption of open source tools, barring a few areas, and some advocacy is probably needed.

I think that "thinking big" is a good thing, here -- just imagine if even 1/3 of the disciplines listed by participants in this conversation had some degree of debian-med's success: Debian would quickly become known as *THE* platform for doing science in those areas... not a bad thing at all.

- debian-science-hci [subset of psychology?  sort of.]
What is "hci" ?

human computer interaction / interface design and analysis.

Thanks for clarification. Do we have packages covering this topic?

Yep. The experimentalists in this camp are reasonably heavy statistics users; they tend to like things like R. Plus all of the packages in the archives that are related somehow to UI development or UI testing.... there are quite a number, from RAD toolkits all the way up to unit testing widgets for graphical apps (e.g. GUnit).


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