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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 elw@stderr.org wrote:

- debian-science-biology

Fine here and dependency of med-bio would make things easy as Charles suggested.

- debian-science-genomics
- debian-science-pharmaceuticals

*If* we had some intersting packages, I would rather create a med-pharmaceuticals
package than putting it into science scope.

- debian-science-mathematics
- debian-science-physics
- debian-science-chemistry
- debian-science-electrical
- debian-science-mechanical
- debian-science-astronomy
- debian-science-structural
- debian-science-architectural
- debian-science-medical-imaging

Well, why should we add here a medical imaging section.  It is covered by
Debian-Med.  I would rather add a package science-imaging that would be
generic for all sciences.

- debian-science-signal-processing
- debian-science-agricultural
- debian-science-geophysical
- debian-science-climatology
- debian-science-fluid-dynamics

This is a pretty good list, so far.

I'd like to see added (to your list):

- debian-science-archaeology
- debian-science-anthropology
- debian-science-sociology
- debian-science-economics
- debian-science-geography
- debian-science-psychology

Same as -pharmaceuticals.

- debian-science-linguistics
- debian-science-informatics  [which is rather ill-defined... i'm thinking
				quite specifically of text-mining code,
- debian-science-hci	[subset of psychology?  sort of.]

What is "hci" ?

Probably we should start to add the package dependencies to the
list above (or perhaps soembody should start a wiki page that would
fit more than "Re: Re: Re: ..." in a mailing list.

Kind regards



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