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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

>       - debian-science
>       - debian-science-bio
>       - debian-science-math
>       - debian-science-physics
>       - debian-science-chem

My two cents :-)

i concur.   i think electrical is a pretty important field to break
out.  i would prefer to completely spell out all of the categories to
eliminate any potential confusion or ambiguity.  also, i've included
some other scientific fields that i think are important (not sure how
many free software/debian packages there are in these fields
currently, but hopefully that will improve as more people adopt free

- debian-science-biology
- debian-science-genomics
- debian-science-pharmaceuticals
- debian-science-mathematics
- debian-science-physics
- debian-science-chemistry
- debian-science-electrical
- debian-science-mechanical
- debian-science-astronomy
- debian-science-structural
- debian-science-architectural
- debian-science-medical-imaging
- debian-science-signal-processing
- debian-science-agricultural
- debian-science-geophysical
- debian-science-climatology
- debian-science-fluid-dynamics

i think all the science metapackages should depend on tex (and
associated packages) because it is useful in all scientific fields.
also, i think the other fields should depend on mathematics.


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