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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

i concur. i think electrical is a pretty important field to break out. i would prefer to completely spell out all of the categories to eliminate any potential confusion or ambiguity. also, i've included some other scientific fields that i think are important (not sure how many free software/debian packages there are in these fields currently, but hopefully that will improve as more people adopt free software).

- debian-science-biology
- debian-science-genomics
- debian-science-pharmaceuticals
- debian-science-mathematics
- debian-science-physics
- debian-science-chemistry
- debian-science-electrical
- debian-science-mechanical
- debian-science-astronomy
- debian-science-structural
- debian-science-architectural
- debian-science-medical-imaging
- debian-science-signal-processing
- debian-science-agricultural
- debian-science-geophysical
- debian-science-climatology
- debian-science-fluid-dynamics

This is a pretty good list, so far.

I'd like to see added (to your list):

- debian-science-archaeology
- debian-science-anthropology
- debian-science-sociology
- debian-science-economics
- debian-science-geography
- debian-science-psychology
- debian-science-linguistics
- debian-science-informatics  [which is rather ill-defined... i'm thinking
				quite specifically of text-mining code,
- debian-science-hci	[subset of psychology?  sort of.]

... which generally aren't covered by the sort of things (sciences that deal with "it"s rather than "me"s or "you"s...) in the list above. Sciences of the human artifact.

I'm sure that there are others that also belong.

This also pulls a *whole bunch* of packages into the larger umbrella that will otherwise be marginalia. I think that this is a higher good, and worth investing effort into. ;-)


School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University, Bloomington

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