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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, [utf-8] Damián Viano wrote:

- debian-science
	- debian-science-bio
	- debian-science-math
	- debian-science-physics
	- debian-science-chem
What do others think? Am I missing something? Should we s/science// from
the second level packages? s/debian// ?

I would vote for leaving out "debian-" in front of the package names.

Wouldn't such classification
make packages like scipy hard to include?

I think we have also

        - science-geo
        - science-astro

Moreover I would add


packages.  At least in Debian-Med we work with med-bio and med-bio-dev
because you often have some development related packages that are not
really needed to just use the applications.

Moreover I think we have some inter-science requzirements, like

       - science-plotting
       - science-statistics

or something like that.

Should TeX packages be included in any category, which?

This falls into the same league like plotting.  We might add a

       - science-typesetting

or something like that.

(keep in mind that tex have his own
section, so creating another category/meta-package would be redundant if
you ask me)

Yes, I'm unsure whether this makes sense.  Perhaps adding a
    Recommends: tex
into the general debian-science package.  BTW, the recommends and suggests
options make clear why the meta packages approach is more powerfull than

Kind regards



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