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Re: Installing the whole set of scientific packages

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Lisandro [utf-8] Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:

Well, I am reading tasksel's README.gz. Some things I found:

* To get a new task added to Debian, please file a bug report on tasksel.

Did you ever tried?

So we make a list (or perhaps a tree, to follow Carlo Segre's suggestion) of
the packages we would like into the tasksel and send the bug report?
Is there another way to not overload tasksel's maintainers (and perhaps, be
more independent)?

Yes: Reducing the list to one single entry meta-package and maintain the
Meta package dependencies on your own.  This would make one single bug
report necessary and not one tasksel bug report per included scientific

* In Debian, we mostly use the "task-fields" method, which is built into
tasksel, and looks for Task fields in the control data of available
packages, that list the name of the task. Another available method is
"standard", which just installs all standard priority packages, and another
is "manual", which, as a special case, runs aptitude interactively to
select what to install.

According to this, we could ask science-related packages maintainers to add
the tag (I don't clearly understando this paragraph, but I think is mainly
because I didn't used tasksel before to set packages :-) )

I don't know how good the task-fields method works (I did not investigated
into tasksel since Sarge release), but it would at least need to bother
maintainers of a lot of applications.  So why not staying intependant from
so many maintainers if the solution is that easy and provides more benefits?

Kind regards



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