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Re: PSIGNIFIT package for fitting psychometric functions


Thank you, Rafael Laboissiere and Andreas Tille for your comments on my 

I have now filed an ITP bug (Bug#325671) and changed the changelog so that it 
closes it on upload.

I cleaned up the rules file and fixed the permissions in the upstream tarball.

The textfiles where already in the upstream sources. That's why I saw no 
reason to write a README.Debian file.

Regarding the integration into Debian-Med I think PSIGNIFIT is a research 
related program. Therefore I suggest classifying it like that. 

You can find the updated version of the package here



PS: There is another package I made, but no one seems to be interested in. It 
is an iptables firewall configuration script which is extremly easy to use 
(almost idiot proof). See http://rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl/
What do you suggest, where I should ask for a sponsor for this package?
I did send a request to debian-mentors but got no reply.

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