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Re: Debian science package nursery

Andreas Tille schrieb:
There was a slight shine of Debian-Physics at horizon but nothing really
happened to my knowledge. In the beginning of Debian-Med I've got a flamish
mail that I should not "occupy" biology with Debian-Med.  My answer is
just valid: If someone starts a Debian-Bio project I would be happy to
upload half of my work to these people. ;-)  Nothing in this direction
really happened and because medical research needs all this biological
stuff I just care for it.  My strong suggestion would be to join the
Custom Debian Distribution effort to make profit from the techniques which
will be developed there.  The more we use common techniques the less work
we have.


Just loud thinking ;-)...

Mhmm, in general I am a biologist, too, and so I would be interested in a Debian-Bio-Project in general. (but at the moment I am contracted with very very little spare-time...) I work in the field of vegetation science (therefore my interest in GIS-Software). But I am no "real" programmer. I am working on database-related stuff (PostgreSQL, PostGIS), I am hacking small web-applications with Apache, PHP and PostgresSQL and doing some other web related stuff. There are some R-Extensions for vegetations scientists mainly from Jari Oksanen (http://cc.oulu.fi/~jarioksa/) I have heard of and would be interesting, but I have not got the time to work with R and therefore with those modules. My main interests are Information systems/Database related stuff and the distribution of Data/Data exchange/Data management.

From your mails I guess you are working more in a laboraty-oriented field of biology. Of which kind of work are you talking?

I am using Debian for quite a while now (since "Potato"), and have some "LAPP-Servers" (Debian/Linux, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL) running. One of the servers is my own (rented - dedicated server or "root-server").

So what would be interesting, would be at least a list of packages and a little brainstorming what can be possible (wiki?).

Any one interested? Critics? Comments? I know it is a little vague...

Best wishes,

| Albin Blaschka, Mag. rer.nat
| Fachbereich für Organismische Biologie, Universität Salzburg
| Hellbrunnerstr. 34, A - 5020 Salzburg, Österreich
| It's hard to live in the mountains, hard, but not hopeless!

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