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Re: Debian science package nursery

Frederic Lehobey schrieb:

My idea is simply generalising the idea to science software maintained
(more or less according to the policy) outside Debian.  As outside
maintainers are most often not as much structured as Ubuntu is, I
believe it would be nice to provide (on Alioth) some intermediate
caring (and hopefully friendly) place for the sources of the packages
adopted by a `debian-science team' like what is done, for example, by
the OCaml maintainers¹.  Such a place would also be nice for
integrating into Debian and sponsoring packagers of science software
willing to become Debian maintainers (it is the current OCaml
maintainers practice, and of many others similar teams I suppose).

There is a thread on debian-devel about team maintenance:


something similar is already happening with the Debian-GIS/ pkg-grass-general - list: The aim of the people behind is to bring GIS-Software (Geographic Information Systems) into Debian. The starting point was GRASS, therefore the (now outdated) name, but now it is dealing with various packages/programmes. See also: http://pkg-grass.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?DebianGisRepository

BTW: Wouldn't it be a good idea to collect/document all those science-related work within Debian? I know of DebianGIS, there is DebianMed...what else?

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