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Re: Desktop client in Debian Stable for voip and/or video conferencing?

On 09/01/16 17:17, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Daniel Pocock]
>> There are various ways this can be resolved, I've documented one
>> possibility in the reSIProcate wiki and bug tracker:
>> http://www.resiprocate.org/Telepathy_Connection_Manager
> Right.  I hope someone find time to make this work. :)
>> You mean conferences with more than 2 participants / multi-party?
> I mean both one-on-one video talks and conferences with more than two
> participants.  The former solve a need I have privately, while the
> latter solve needs I have professionally.
>> There are various solutions.  https://meet.jit.si is a web based
>> solution
> Aha.
> Btw, is the jitsi desktop client any good?  Tried to install it in
> unstable, but it refused to install (bug #789038).  Seem to be missing
> libjitsi which was rejected and not re-uploaded with fixes.

It does work, but as you point out, there are licensing issues.  There
has been some progress upstream, there is now a free alternative to the
non-free JARs.  They have to be packaged.

>> Using regular softphones, the ability to make multi-party video
>> conferences depends on both the phone and the server capabilities.
>> I'm not sure if anything in Debian at present fully supports this,
>> Jitsi Video Bridge is worth having a look at and you could also ask on
>> the Free-RTC mailing list
> I do not expect to have time for more than 'apt install tool', on my and
> my families machines, to get it working.  If it require more than that,
> I will just have to leave testing for later. :(

There are various things that work for some people some of the time,
depending on provider and network

E.g. the Empathy softphone in GNOME works for XMPP video calls in some
NAT scenarios but sometimes the audio and video doesn't get through.



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