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Re: Desktop client in Debian Stable for voip and/or video conferencing?

On 09/01/16 10:22, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Daniel Pocock]
>> We started documenting some of them in the wiki, see the "User Guide"
>> link on https://rtc.debian.org
> Thank you.
>> Note that people can call from softphone to softphone or from browser
>> to browser but none of the softphones support calls from browser to
>> softphone.
> Oh.  Pointing people to a web page to call me on the soft phone was
> exactly the use case I had in mind.  What is missing for this to work?

There are various ways this can be resolved, I've documented one
possibility in the reSIProcate wiki and bug tracker:


> Are there any soft phones working well for video conferences?

You mean conferences with more than 2 participants / multi-party?

There are various solutions.  https://meet.jit.si is a web based solution

Using regular softphones, the ability to make multi-party video
conferences depends on both the phone and the server capabilities.  I'm
not sure if anything in Debian at present fully supports this, Jitsi
Video Bridge is worth having a look at and you could also ask on the
Free-RTC mailing list



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