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Re: Desktop client in Debian Stable for voip and/or video conferencing?

[Daniel Pocock]
> There are various ways this can be resolved, I've documented one
> possibility in the reSIProcate wiki and bug tracker:
> http://www.resiprocate.org/Telepathy_Connection_Manager

Right.  I hope someone find time to make this work. :)

> You mean conferences with more than 2 participants / multi-party?

I mean both one-on-one video talks and conferences with more than two
participants.  The former solve a need I have privately, while the
latter solve needs I have professionally.

> There are various solutions.  https://meet.jit.si is a web based
> solution


Btw, is the jitsi desktop client any good?  Tried to install it in
unstable, but it refused to install (bug #789038).  Seem to be missing
libjitsi which was rejected and not re-uploaded with fixes.

> Using regular softphones, the ability to make multi-party video
> conferences depends on both the phone and the server capabilities.
> I'm not sure if anything in Debian at present fully supports this,
> Jitsi Video Bridge is worth having a look at and you could also ask on
> the Free-RTC mailing list

I do not expect to have time for more than 'apt install tool', on my and
my families machines, to get it working.  If it require more than that,
I will just have to leave testing for later. :(

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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