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Re: Desktop client in Debian Stable for voip and/or video conferencing?

On 07/01/16 09:40, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Hi.
> I would like to use the Debian RTC services more, but lack a good way to
> be told when someone try to reach me.  Keeping an eye on a web page is
> not going to work for me, I will need some desktop notification and a
> desktop popup.  Are there any good voip and video conferencing client in
> Debian Stable able to connect to the Debian RTC services, that can let
> me know when someone is trying to reach me?

We started documenting some of them in the wiki, see the "User Guide"
link on https://rtc.debian.org

Note that people can call from softphone to softphone or from browser to
browser but none of the softphones support calls from browser to softphone.



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