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Re: another FSO transition

Am 25.06.2012 19:46, schrieb Adam D. Barratt:
On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 13:54 +0200, Simon Busch wrote:
Am 25.06.2012 12:53, schrieb Adam D. Barratt:
On 24.06.2012 10:21, Simon Busch wrote:

There are six commits related to the bug fix:

Thanks.  Are there any other changes between the current 0.11 version in
Debian and the proposed update (preferably across the three components
listed as needing updates)?

In the bug fix release of the three listed components is nothing else
included than the commits listed above.

Okay, thanks.  Please go ahead with the source uploads, bearing in mind
that time is somewhat tight and that the new binary packages will need
to go through NEW.

Thank you very much!

@Sebastian: when do you have time for uploading the packages? I prepared everything already in our git repositories.


Simon Busch - http://mm.gravedo.de/blog/

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