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Request for information about updating urgency of uploads

Dear Debian Release Team,

As part of my NM process, I am asking you how I could request an
override for the urgency set in one of my uploads, as it is my
understanding that *you* can override them. It is my intent to document
this fact, with the proper procedure, in the developers-reference,
somewhere around [1].

With kind regards,


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Subject: Re: [Debian] New Maintainer

> > EVL2. What will you do if you notice that you have uploaded a package
> > with an inappropriate urgency? Is there any possibility to override
> > it?
> If the package is not installed yet, I believe you can remove it again,
> just like above, with dcut. After installation, the urgency can only be
> increased by subsequent uploads, until the package migrates to testing.
> From that moment you determine the urgency freely again. [3]
> [3]
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/pkgs.html#testing-unstable

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