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Re: Bug #602865: please unblock php-net-smtp 1.4.2-2

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 02:02 +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 11/21/2010 02:26 AM, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> > As pointed out to me elsewhere, I was being stupid here - policy *does*
> > provide a mechanism for packages to ensure that other packages are
> > unpacked before they are: pre-dependencies.  Either php-net-smtp needs a
> > pre-dependency on php-pear (>= 5.3.1-4 to ensure that the symlink isn't
> > broken) after discussion on debian-devel, or it needs to ensure
> > that /usr/share/php/doc exists in its preinst and create it, pointing at
> > the expected location, if not.
> I am ok to do anything that is required, but I'd need to know what you
> want me to do. Should I reupload php-net-smtp with a Conflicts: which
> was my intention in the first place (the Breaks: was a mistake), or
> should I simply reupload with only a Depends: php-pear (>= 5.3) ?

As mentioned above, either php-net-smtp needs a "Pre-Depends: php-pear
(>= 5.3.1-4)", after discussion on debian-devel, or its preinst needs to
confirm that /usr/share/php/doc exists and, if not, create it as a
symlink to the expected location (as generated by php-pear); as the
symlink shipped by the php-pear packages in Lenny is broken, the
pre-dependency is probably the safer solution, as it will ensure
that /usr/share/php/doc is created correctly before php-net-smtp is
unpacked.  Neither a Conflicts nor Breaks are required, nor is the
versioned dependency.

Versioning the dependency makes apt do the right thing, but the
pre-dependency is the only way to make the packages upgradable via dpkg
and, more importantly, policy compliant.

> I can prepare fixes for php-http-rquest and php-xml-parser too, if
> nobody else is willing to work on them. I have few servers running them,
> and I wouldn't like experiencing upgrade issues. Did you check all php
> PEAR packages in Debian? Is there any chance that there's more packages
> with the issue?

According to the Contents file for squeeze (at least on amd64) the only
packages shipping any files under /usr/share/php/doc/ are php-pear,
php-http-request, php-net-smtp, php-soap and php-xml-parser; php-pear is
obviously okay, as it owns the symlink.



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