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Re: please unblock reportbug-ng

Sandro Tosi schrieb:
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 10:30, Bastian Venthur <venthur@debian.org> wrote:
>> Adeodato Simó schrieb:
>>> No, my question was not about dropping rng, but whether you’re planning
>>> on using the newly-available python-reportbug API to avoid code
>>> duplication, and to work with the reportbug maintainers to make said API
>>> meet your needs as an alternative-to-reportbug implementation author.
>> I would have to have a look at it since I currently don't know what
>> python-reportbug actually provides. If it covers a lot of rng's needs I
>> will probably use this instead of my own implementation if it's
>> possible.
> It includes the core logic of reportbug, while 'reportbug' package
> contains the executables, along with the documentation.
>> I'm sure reportbug could also benefit a lot from my code since
>> rng uses SOAP for ages instead of HTML parsing.
> We are still planning this move (and will be done for sure), but it's
> not that easy as "switch a flip".

I'd be glad to help you guys with that move. I could possibly write an
adapter which translates the output from my python-debianbts into a
format you are expecting from HTML parsing so we had an drop-in
replacement. With rng I didn't drop HTML entirely in the first weeks, I
still had a commandline switch to revert back to HTML if something goes
wrong. Fortunately it was never needed.

Just let me know if you're interested, so we can work out a plan. As I
said before I'm also not opposed in rewriting python-debianbts if that's
useful for you.

It the move from HTML wasn't as easy as switching a flip but it was
certainly not as hard as expected. The hardest thing was to get the
variables in the the replies right (SOAP is a PITA), but the rest was a
piece of cake. Plus you get the benefit of eventually removing the HTML
parsing code which was in my case a huge fraction of the overall code.



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