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Re: please unblock reportbug-ng

+ Bastian Venthur (Thu, 09 Apr 2009 14:53:16 +0200):

> >> rng tries to include the output of bugscript automatically into the
> >> mail. But if the output is too long to fit in a single mailto URL it
> >> recognizes the situation, puts the output in a temporary file and puts a
> >> message into the mail pointing to the tempfile and asking the user to
> >> attach this file. rng would attach those file automatically if I'd know
> >> how to do it. So basically rng provides the output in most cases
> >> automatically but in some cases, like xorg, the user has to do a manual
> >> step.

> > I see. Well, putting the output of bugscript in the URL sounds scary.
> > Have you investigated about using the xdg-email(1) command, from the
> > xdg-utils package? It allows to invoke the configured mailer for the
> > user (it has some logic to detect what’s the user’s preferred MUA), and
> > it takes options like --body and --attach. Maybe it is better, maybe it
> > is not.

> Yes, rng already uses xdg-email as default, unfortunately --attach does
> not work reliable across the different mailclients, so rng has to use
> the mailto-hack until the BTS supports a different method of submitting
> bugreports.


> > Anyway, I meant to ask: now that reportbug has a graphical interface
> > and, particularly, a Python library, what are your plans for rng in the
> > future, during this release cycle?

> I intend to keep on developing on rng. Keep it bugfree and further
> enhance the usability. I plan to implement developer-features like
> sending control-messages to rename, reassign bugs etc.

> Regarding reportbug. It's nice to see that it finally has a GUI but the
> current state of this GUI leaves much room for improvements. So I don't
> see a reason to drop rng, if that was your question.

No, my question was not about dropping rng, but whether you’re planning
on using the newly-available python-reportbug API to avoid code
duplication, and to work with the reportbug maintainers to make said API
meet your needs as an alternative-to-reportbug implementation author.


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