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Re: stable update for Moinmoin (bugs 511416 and 504562)

* Frank Lin PIAT [Tue, 13 Jan 2009 21:04:35 +0100]:

> > > @@ -924,7 +924,7 @@
> > >  '''HelpContents''':
> > > -'''ContenidosDeAyuda''',
> > > +'''AyudaDeContenidos''',

> > This hunk, OTOH, I don't understand. "ContenidosDeAyuda" is a better
> > translation for "HelpContents" than "AyudaDeContenidos". Can you
> > ellaborate on this fix?

> The problem here it's that "HelpContents" is the name of the main help
> wikipage. The translation of that string should match the name of the
> spanish wiki page, which is "AyudaDeContenidos" (if the translated name
> doesn't match an existing wiki page, then the link isn't translated at
> all, rather than making a broken link).

Aaah. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Then, the hunk is of course
acceptable: the choice between a even-halfway translated,
incorrectly-named page, and an untranslated page, is clear. :-) And
hopefully upstream will change the page name in a future release.

Please upload all bits of the diff you proposed, and thanks for your

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