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Re: Please unblock debian-cd

* Frans Pop [Mon, 12 Jan 2009 21:26:05 +0100]:

> (Resend with proper address for the list.)

> Hi,

> I've just uploaded a new version of debian-cd which will be used to build 
> CD images for Lenny, so please

> unblock debian-cd/3.1.0

Okay. This is a very big update, but well, I guess it's reasonable that
debian-cd is special in the way d-i is.

> As the new version contains a few structural changes to improve support 
> for installing various desktop environments [1], packages that use 
> debian-cd may now be broken.

> You can therefore also expect an update very soon of simple-cdd, which 
> will also be targeted at Lenny.

Ok. I've increased aging period for debian-cd by two days so that
there's time for the just-uploaded simple-cdd to age its time, and the
two can migrate together. This is a lightweight approach; if it's very
important that debian-cd doesn't migrate on its own, please let me know
and I'll keep a closer look.


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