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Re: stable update for Moinmoin (bugs 511416 and 504562)

* Frank Lin PIAT [Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:55:43 +0100]:

> Hello,

Hello, thanks for pursuing this.

> > >* #511416: Fix the forgotten password email login URL.
> > >  End-user that request a copy of their password will be sent an email
> > >  with a hash of their password. However, the URL points to the
> > >  account create page, instead of the login page.

This fix and its associated diff is okay, particularly since it comes
from upstream.

> > >* #504562: the title "Table of contents" is broken for all Spanish
> > >  speaking user. It also fixes the link to the help pages
> > >  (HelpContents), so it actually points to the Spanish version.

Regarding this diff for this fix:

> @@ -1000,7 +1000,7 @@
>  '''[Bookmark reached]''':
>  '''[enlace personal alcanzado]''',
>  '''Contents''':
> -'''AyudaDeContenidos''',
> +'''Contenidos''',
>  '''No wanted pages in this wiki.''':
>  '''No existen páginas-por-crear en este wiki.''',
>  '''Invalid include arguments "%s"!''':

That hunk is (AFAICS) clear: the translation for "Contents" should be
"Contenidos" and not "AyudaDeContenidos".

> @@ -924,7 +924,7 @@
>  '''SiteNavigation''':
>  '''NavegaciónDelSitio''',
>  '''HelpContents''':
> -'''ContenidosDeAyuda''',
> +'''AyudaDeContenidos''',
>  '''HelpOnFormatting''':
>  '''AyudaSobreFormato''',
>  '''UserPreferences''':

This hunk, OTOH, I don't understand. "ContenidosDeAyuda" is a better
translation for "HelpContents" than "AyudaDeContenidos". Can you
ellaborate on this fix?

> Would this change be accepted, if we were to upload a new package 
> to stable-proposed-updates ?

Yes, once we clear up the issue above. Just coordinate with the
maintainer as to who should make the upload.


On Sun, 2009-01-11 at 04:45 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> IT seems to me that even though both those issues are highly annoying 
> they are not security-related.

We not only fix security bugs through stable updates. :-)



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