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Re: Request for freeze exception for maxima

* David Bremner [Tue, 05 Aug 2008 09:13:04 -0300]:

(Overriding M-F-T: -devel, I'd like this to be tracked on -release.)

> > This means, however, that maxima is left with RC bugs in testing that
> > can't be fixed via unstable (hooray!, Camm). [Unless that the newer GCL
> > available now has magically made them disappear, do you know if that's
> > the case or not?]

> maxima would minimally need to be rebuilt (binNMU ?). I am currently
> tracking down some strange interaction with randomized sbrk and
> pbuilder on my box (that are the same for both 5.15.0-2 and
> 5.13.0-3.1, and don't seem to be a problem on the buildds), but if I
> disable randomized sbrk, then 5.13.0-3.1 seems to build and pass its
> self tests with gcl-2.6.7-42.  If this build problem really is just
> me, then rebuilding the version currently in testing with a current
> gcl could be an option.

> I suggest followups to debian-devel until we have something concrete
> to propose to the release team. 

Ok; gcl -42 has not migrated to testing yet, but once it does, we can
scheudle binNMUs of maxima -3.1 in testing.


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