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Request for freeze exception for maxima

Dear Release Team;

maxima 5.13.0-3.2 was an NMU instigated by me, that used SBCL to build
maxima.  This fixed several (important and serious) bugs, but left
maxima with a tight versioned dependency on sbcl, and restricted
maxima to building on alpha, amd64, i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, and

maxima 5.15.0-2 is a version by the maintainer Camm McGuire using GCL
to build.  This version contains fixes for the same bugs, but builds
(in principle; alpha buildd is still catching up) on all of the
"non-red" architectures on

Because of better portability, and the fact that the new version is
not an NMU, I would like to request a freeze exception for maxima.
Camm is in agreement, but is offline for a couple of a weeks.  I
hesitate to post his (entirely innocuous) private email, but I can if
that is necessary.

bremner@unb.ca / bremner @  IRC

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