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Re: RFC: expat transition or update - before or after lenny?

Am Donnerstag, den 29.05.2008, 11:31 -0700 schrieb Kevin B. McCarty:
> > Adeodato Simó wrote:
> >> So, to get this moving, who does the archive inspection?
> I wrote:
> > As it happens, I already had a script prepared that did something very
> > similar (for the purpose of looking for mis-compiled gfortran code on
> > mips*).  I've modified it to look for r-depends of libexpat1 containing
> > ELF files having a NEEDED libexpat.so.0 and it's running now.  (At the
> > moment it's processing packages in Etch; on i386, amd64 and powerpc
> > architectures; main, contrib and non-free components).  Should be done
> > in a few hours, and I'll post the results and the script here.  Let me
> > know if you'd like me to search additional architectures or distributions.
> I've finished with the script run (the script is attached for
> completeness although it is pretty straightforward), and the conclusion
> is this: of the packages with a direct dependency on libexpat1, NONE of
> them (in Etch on i386, amd64, or powerpc; looking at main, contrib and
> non-free) contain an ELF file with NEEDED libexpat.so.0.
> There are 101 such binary packages on Etch/i386.  The only one which has
> an ELF file with NEEDED libexpat.so.0 is wink.
> Of course it's conceivable that there is a pre-compiled binary packaged
> on some non-i386 architecture that needs libexpat.so.0.  But the vast
> majority of pre-compiled binaries for Linux are made available only for
> i386, so I think it's quite unlikely.  Thus I'd suggest just contacting
> wink upstream about a fix, and not bothering about a libexpat0
> compatibility package.

Thanks for the information. I think, in this case we can go without a
transition. I will think about, how to handle wink and then decide, how
to proceed.

So @the release team: Is there an interest for updating expat before the
Lenny release or are there objections?

Regards, Daniel

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