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Re: Bug#469312: Reopen 469312, still unfixed, also in Etch (initramfs-tools: awk reports syntax error in update-initramfs)

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 01:22:12PM +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Sorry, but this bug is neither fixed in Sid nor in Etch (where it is
> also present). In Etch the bug breaks dist-upgrades from Sarge to Etch
> at least if previously a devfs kernel, lilo and md was used. Just had
> such a case yesterday on one of our DHCP servers.
> And since such systems usually continue to use the /dev/md/* naming
> scheme because udev seems to recognise a former devfs system, this
> still breaks systems and can render them unbootable (therefore
> severity grave) if the admin doesn't notice the mentioned syntax
> errors.
> The line which obviously is causing the syntax error is the following
> which is used when update-initramfs parses lilo.conf:
>   boot="/dev/$(awk "/^${MD}/{print substr(\$5, 1, 3)}" \
> It's line 207 in Sid and line 166 in Etch.

thanks for the useful report, fixed in latest trunk.
i'll upload during the day and will propose this fix for an etch update
too as another fix has been proposed for that too.
> Slashes contained in $MD need be escaped properly to fix this problem.
> There's one more line which potentially has a similar bug:
>   && dev=$(awk "/${groot}/{ print \$NF}" /boot/grub/device.map)
> It's line 195 in Sid and line 154 in Etch.

no there it can't happen due to groot beeing a grub naming style
variable aka fdX or hdX

no slash.
> Since is primarily an escaping bug which should be easy and not
> critical to fix, I would be happy, if this could be fixed in Etch with
> perhaps 4.0r4, too.
> 		Kind regards, Axel Beckert


best regards


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