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Re: BinNMUing packages linking against libgnutls13

* Andreas Metzler [Sat, 12 Apr 2008 10:24:30 +0200]:

> Hej,
> libgnutls26 has been part of etch for two months now, and the old
> version libgnutls13 definitly should not be shipped in lenny. (Dummy
> bug: #475663)

Hello Andreas, 

I took a look at the state of this as of today, and there is now only a
handful of packages *in testing* that depend on gnutls13.

These can be classified in two groups, those that in unstable *still*
depend on gnutls13, and those that don't, but that haven't migrated for
other reasons. Here's a list:

Do not depend on gnutls13 in sid
ctrlproxy       - FTBFS on arm
kvm             - RC buggy (#479228)
libgnomeprint   - looks like it'll migrate soon (will keep an eye myself)
openldap2       - will not ship with lenny (vorlon takes care of this I think)
tntnet          - unbuildable due to #475590 (FTBFS of cxxtools on sparc)

Still depend on gnutls13 in sid
gnome-cups-manager - seems it won't ship with lenny (see Joss' msg in #417209)
libaws          - needs upload for new gnat; apparently Ludovic Brenta will do this
lynx            - you know about this one :)
mailutils       - FTBFS due to test failures (#461998)
mergeant        - libgnomedb3 not built yet on ia64 (FTBFS #482263)
vlc             - FTBFS on arm
wengophone      - FTBFS (#479920)

I guess if somebody had the time/energy to poke into some of these,
gnutls13 could be dropped rather sooner than later...


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