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Re: RFC: expat transition or update - before or after lenny?

Hello again, excuse me that I don't reply inline.

If, as it seems, you really want to get rid of the symlink, then the
first step is to find out what stuff uses the old name.

As you suggest, this can be done by unpacking every r-dependency of
libexpat1, and running objdump -p on all ELF archives. If you'd rather
not do that yourself, I can do it for you. (Note that when picking what
version to unpack, stable should be preferred over testing, and testing
over unstable.)

Regarding the libexpat0-compat package, note that it is only needed for
stuff that we *can't* rebuild, since stuff that we can will be rebuilt

In this group, we only have wink at the moment. Maybe if it's only that
package after all (or only a handful), you could try to get the binary
blob fixed, by contacting the debian maintainer or directly upstream,
could you do that? If it's impossible, then the libexpat0-compat idea
sounds reasonable.

Also, Conflicts (unless there's a sheer amount of them, and then we can
re-evaluate) have to be introduced both for stuff that we rebuild to use
the .1 name, and stuff moves to depend on libexpat0-compat.

So, to get this moving, who does the archive inspection?

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