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Re: Would an (l10n) NMU of atlas interfere with the gfortran trnasition?

Quoting Pierre Habouzit (imaps@artemis.madism.org):

>   OTOH atlas suffers from #430227 too, so if it's scheduled for removal
> at some point, it's better not to worry too much I'd say.

Yes, found that one while preparing a possible NMU. However, I'm far
far far away from being able to provide a fix (Pierre, you would have
guessed, wouldn't you?).

From the very few I saw, atlas is not the latest upstream version, so
maybe someone with the needed skills could look at this (but it
certainly requires quite some time).

One should also note the giant diff.gz for atlas3 (it took about 1
hour to apply on my small laptop) and the huge requirements to compile
it (failed with OOM when built with pbuilder on my laptop).

I'm not in that business so I can't really tell if atlas3 is useful
for anyone....but if there are ppl around who care, they'd better wake

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