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Re: [alpha, hppa] GCC-4.3 as the default compilers for lenny?

* Matthias Klose (doko@cs.tu-berlin.de) [080323 21:39]:
> > >   This will last up to the lenny release, and the toolchain is to be
> > > freezed next week. So I don't ...
> >   ... think you'll have to support that patch actively for too long.
> wrong, once released with the patch you'll get bug reports for the
> compiler with the patch applied.  For every report you need to recheck
> with a compiler without this patch.  If you do want to do that until
> lenny+1 is released, please go ahead.

So we just need an (reliable) volunteer who checks every bug report in
the Lenny gcc-4.3 whether the same happens with unmodified upstream (or
with gcc-snapshot), and add the result to the bug report? What other
qualifications are necessary? Does one need to understand assembler? Or
is being able to compile debian packages and enough time to burn enough?


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