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Re: Give back petsc

Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@debian.org> writes:
> * Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> [2008-03-20 16:06]:
>> I uploaded new spooles and petsc this morning.  Spooles has built
>> successfully on arm.  petsc was tried on hppa, but failed because of
>> missing lam.  lam has not failed on hppa, but 7.1.2-1.3 has not been
>> attempted; same with armel.
> petsc is still in Dep-Wait status on arm, mips, mpisel, and s390 [1], even
> though lam 7.1.2-1.3 has successfully built on all architectures (m68k and
> hurd-i386 apart) [2].
> Could petsc be given back on those arches, please?


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