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Re: etch and kernels2.4

On 06/17/07 10:13, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2007-06-13 16:59:23, schrieb Pierre Habouzit:
  If people were reading release notes, we wouldn't have this problem,
as etch release notes ask users to install a 2.6 kernel already.

My problem is, that I have several Mainboards which refuse to
work with the Debian-Kernles and SMP compiled in so there was
NO WAY to install a 2.6 kernel.  (I had upgraded and reboted
but it does not more start with the new 2.6 Kernel)

What happened when you rolled your own 2.6 kernel, with the necessary chipset/etc drivers?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

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