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etch and kernels2.4

[-- You may want as a background to this question to read #428655. --]

  We have users that still run etch with 2.4 kernels. Though, when
they'll upgrade to lenny, it will completely destroy their upgrade path,
in ways that are quite hard to figure out for a beginner.

  I'd suggest that very very very soon, e.g. it would be more than nice
in .r1 we add in some core package (e.g. the libc ?) a critical debconf
note (or alike) that warns the user about that issue, and urge him to
upgrade his kernel.

  I know release notes already advise strongly to migrate, but we must
do better than that. IMHO that's quite critical, because it's impossible
to install a 2.6 kernel from lenny/sid without having the libc 2.5 installed

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