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Re: Sarge -> Etch upgrade issue


* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [060908 20:36]:
[ apt-get dist-upgrade to etch doesn't install debianrchive-keyring and
  gnupg ]

> > Shouldn't the Recommends: debian-archive-keyring be enought?  AFAIK
> > the Release Notes recommend using aptitude instead of apt-get.  And
> > aptitude respects recommends should pull in debian-archive-keyring,
> > which depends on gnupg.
> Ah, good catch.  (I wonder why apt has a separate Suggests: gnupg then?)
> This means that users who dist-upgrade using aptitude, pulling in
> Recommends, should not have this problem; so the most that should be needed
> here is release notes documentation.  Assuming someone can test that this
> works as expected?

Uhm... seems that I was to fast.  I just did a small test (created a new
sarge chroot, changed sources.list, tried a dist-upgrade), and even when
using aptitude neither debian-archive-keyring nor gnupg are installed.

While apt and apt-utils are upgraded, I get the following note from

The following packages are RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed:
  aptitude-doc-en debian-archive-keyring libtasn1-2-bin locales mtools

Note the debian-archive-keyring.

Installing aptitude von etch before dist-upgrading doesn't either;
debian-archive-keyring is still not installed... damn, even if I try to
install aptitude and gnupg from etch before dist-upgrading
debian-archive-keyring won't be installed.  (Yes, this is sarges normal
aptitude with the out of the box configuration, which should respect
recommends; I tried everything with "--with-recommends" just to be sure,

What now?  I don't know how to investigate aptitudes behaviour of not
installing debian-archive-keyring during dist-upgrades any further.  And
I dislike the "let's put a paragraph into the release-notes, that people
need to install debian-archive-keyring before running dist-upgrade",
because there are just to much people, which won't read it.

Yours sincerely,


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