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Re: kbanking

Hello Mark and Thomas,

Mark Purcell schrieb:
> My one query is Does kmymoney2 build with kbanking from aqbanking? Do you have 
> some test debs I can look into?

The packages I've build and checked in to svn.debian.org are available
under http://aqbanking.alioth.debian.org/unstable/

>>So I'd like to know:
>>- Mark, would you mind if libaqbanking provided libkbanking1?
> I am happy for libaqbanking to provide libkbanking1, provided kmymoney2 will 
> build.

I've tried to build kmymoney2 (release version 0.8) with the
libkbanking1-package I've build from AqBanking source. The build
succeded, but I've not been able to use kmymoney2 with my already
configured AqBanking accounts since the context menu entry for
connecting KMyMoney2 accounts to AqBanking accounts is disabled. I
haven't had enough time yet for figuring out whether this was my fault
or not...

Mark, I would appreciate it if you could test whether the packages are
ready for use with KMyMoney2...

> I'm unsure if you will need to use some special Replaces: Conflicts: headers 
> because we are effectivly merging two upstream sources.

Hmm, I don't know either, but since the packagename remains the same I
think it might suffice to ask ftp-master (?) to remove all libkbanking
packages from the Debian archives and upload the new AqBanking packages
providing the additional package libkbanking1.

>>If and when Mark and the release team give their OK, I'd upload
>>aqbanking with kbanking today.

Thomas, if you agree with the changes (have a look at the SVN
changelogs) I've made in the packages mentioned above, and if Mark has
no objections please upload them. :)


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