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Hi Mark, Micha, Release gurus,

first, my apologies for not following up on the Mark's ITP which I

As you may or may not know, the kbanking library as introduced to
Debian/unstable in October is obsolete and is probably (on the way to
being) at least partially unusable since about August when upstream
integrated kbanking into AqBanking (packaged as libaqbanking).

Wishlist bug #333104 also asks for libkbanking to be provided by
libaqbanking, which is IMHO the way to go.

So I'd like to know:
- Mark, would you mind if libaqbanking provided libkbanking1?
- Release team: kmymoney2 has already been mentioned to be tying
  gnucash to kde. Is my impression that an update of libaqbanking
  introducing libkbanking1 (and a build-dependency on kdelibs4-dev)
  is disruptive to the testing migration?

If and when Mark and the release team give their OK, I'd upload
aqbanking with kbanking today.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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