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Re: kbanking

On Thursday 20 October 2005 08:50, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> first, my apologies for not following up on the Mark's ITP which I
> overlooked...

I became aware after I had built kbanking, also I wasn't aware how soon the 
aqbanking direct support for kbanking was going to be, so I uploaded 

> As you may or may not know, the kbanking library as introduced to
> Debian/unstable in October is obsolete and is probably (on the way to
> being) at least partially unusable since about August when upstream
> integrated kbanking into AqBanking (packaged as libaqbanking).

It actually still works and I have had reports that kmymoney2 supports HBCI 
with kbanking and aqbanking as seperate packages, but I agree they should be 
provided from aqbanking now.

My one query is Does kmymoney2 build with kbanking from aqbanking? Do you have 
some test debs I can look into?

> Wishlist bug #333104 also asks for libkbanking to be provided by
> libaqbanking, which is IMHO the way to go.


> So I'd like to know:
> - Mark, would you mind if libaqbanking provided libkbanking1?

I am happy for libaqbanking to provide libkbanking1, provided kmymoney2 will 

I'm unsure if you will need to use some special Replaces: Conflicts: headers 
because we are effectivly merging two upstream sources.

> - Release team: kmymoney2 has already been mentioned to be tying
>   gnucash to kde. Is my impression that an update of libaqbanking
>   introducing libkbanking1 (and a build-dependency on kdelibs4-dev)
>   is disruptive to the testing migration?

I wasn't aware of this problem.  I see that kmymoney2 is being removed from 
testing today :-(

> If and when Mark and the release team give their OK, I'd upload
> aqbanking with kbanking today.

When you upload aqbanking with kbanking, I'll upload kmymoney2 with kbanking 


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