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sidplay tangle (vs. kde tangle)

So the two different versions of sidplay are tied together due
to xmms-sid.  xsidplay ties libsidplay to arts and Qt, 
while gst-plugins0.8 ties it to arts, flac -- and liboil, which is
FTBFS on powerpc.

remove gst-plugins0.8/0.8.8-3
remove xsidplay/
easy libsidplay/1.36.59-4, mp3blaster/1:3.2.0-7, sidplay-base/1.0.9-5
xmms-sid/0.7.4+0.8.0beta14-2 sidplay-libs/2.1.1-3 sidplay/2.0.9-2

* everything above except gst-plugins0.8 can be thrown into the KDE hint,
while removing gst-plugins0.8
* or everything above can be thrown in, plus liboil

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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