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Re: Release Team meeting minutes - 2005-06-18

* Thiemo Seufer (ths@networkno.de) [050619 23:30]:
> Roger Leigh wrote:
> > Just the random opinion of a -release lurker, but I do appreciate
> > being able to read this sort of thing, and would be very sad if it
> > were to be discontinued.  It shouldn't be necessary to hide this just
> > because one or two folks make a fuss over nothing--there are probably
> > a lot more like myself who are grateful that you went to the effort of
> > writing it up so that we could benefit from it.
> Seconded.

Ok, who said that we cannot be convinced to change our mind? :)

Especially as I should priorize the requests of clueful people who
actually do the work (even if they describe themself as lurker) as much
more important than the accusations of people who are unable to
understand a simple mail. I intend to post minutes also in future, but I
will probably waste time on then in brushing them a bit more and adding
some disclaimers.

Please note that this flaming and accusing people does really harm. It
has the effect of hiding discussions, and thats IMHO really the wrong
direction to take.


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