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Re: Release Team meeting minutes - 2005-06-18

Roger Leigh wrote:
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> Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> writes:
> > * Josselin Mouette (joss@debian.org) [050619 22:17]:
> >> Things are much less likely to heat if you present them
> >> properly.
> >
> > Ok, convinced. No more minutes to debian-release. If we want to present
> > properly, we need to take time to polish the mails.  Minutes will be
> > hidden in future to avoid misunderstandings. I hope that you'll be more
> > happy with that. I am desparate that this is necessary.
> Just the random opinion of a -release lurker, but I do appreciate
> being able to read this sort of thing, and would be very sad if it
> were to be discontinued.  It shouldn't be necessary to hide this just
> because one or two folks make a fuss over nothing--there are probably
> a lot more like myself who are grateful that you went to the effort of
> writing it up so that we could benefit from it.



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