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Re: Release Team meeting minutes - 2005-06-18

Le dimanche 19 juin 2005 à 21:07 +0200, Matthias Klose a écrit :
> [Joss, not keeping the people addressed you are ranting at, is just
>  another point of rudeness]

Sorry, I forgot to Cc you.

> For your wrong claims: There is no private discussion, the meeting was
> public.

I don't remember seeing it advertised in the debian-python mailing list.

> AFAIK Debconf is public as well. 

Not all developers can go to debconf. Furthermore, the nature of debconf
makes it unsuitable for open discussion.

> I don't know how this is
> Vancouver related, I wasn't there, nor did I meet Andreas before.

This is Vancouver-related because I feel things are going the same way,
being decided in private meetings instead of being discussed openly.

> Yes, for myself, I won't start the discussion now, because there is
> other unrelated work, which needs to be done before (you're happily
> invited to work on the C++ ABI change).

That's not the problem. I agree on waiting for the C++ ABI change
completion before starting to move python stuff. What I'm complaining is
your discussing it with almost unrelated people without advertising it.

>   Matthias
> PS: Looking at your choice of tone, it might be easier for others to
> work with you, if you limit yourself to technical and policy things.

Oh, right. "People like me" should restrict to technical stuff, while
other are making decisions?

Sorry for being rude; it's not specifically against you. However, the
new tendency of the project to see decisions taken in the back of the
developers is making me sick. Killing a thread in this list with "we'll
see later" and then discussing the same thing with the release team a
few days later is no less rude than my tone.
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