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Re: Release Team meeting minutes - 2005-06-18

[Joss, not keeping the people addressed you are ranting at, is just
 another point of rudeness]

For your wrong claims: There is no private discussion, the meeting was
public.  AFAIK Debconf is public as well. I don't know how this is
Vancouver related, I wasn't there, nor did I meet Andreas before.

Yes, for myself, I won't start the discussion now, because there is
other unrelated work, which needs to be done before (you're happily
invited to work on the C++ ABI change).


PS: Looking at your choice of tone, it might be easier for others to
work with you, if you limit yourself to technical and policy things.

Josselin Mouette writes:
> Andreas Barth wrote:
> > - python policy/implementation needs review - doko and aba will discuss
> >   that on debconf probably
> Is it the new way things work since the Vancouver meeting? Discussing
> things privately instead of using the dedicated mailing lists? I'd have
> thought that this list was the place to discuss a new python policy,
> instead of implicitly accepting that the release team becomes
> responsible for all policies in the project.
> There's a need for change, this is for sure. If we agree on this list
> for new rules, I'd volunteer to update the python policy accordingly.
> Then, we could apply the changes during the python 2.4 transition, as
> you suggested. What exactly makes you think there's a need for
> discussing this privately?
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