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Re: release policy changes

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> How can you tell, for which C++ ABI packages like mozilla-dev and
> festival-dev are built? IMO that is the technical reason you are
> asking for. It doesn't matter if an application or a library is linked
> to libstdc++. Remember that C++ ABI != libstdc++ API. AFAIK packages
> like php4 have such provides as well.

I'm a little confused still.  Can you spell this out in more detail
for me?  I think I'm just lacking the understanding.

Maybe I can't tell which ABI it's built for, but why exactly do I need
to know?  (I can't tell which version of GCC a given library was built
with either, but that doesn't matter.)  So what exactly are the sorts
of failure cases we are worried about?


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