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Re: release policy changes

On 10315 March 1977, Thomas Bushnell wrote:

>> Rationale:
>> Well, the contents of both are decisions of the maintainer. It is IMHO
>> very bad if a package starts to change build dependencies during a NMU
>> or an security upload, and even worse if the maintainer is "adjusted" in
>> the binary packages built on a buildd.
> I'm not sure I understand what this means.  How *could* build
> dependencies "change"?


cdbs is an example for this madness (B-D) here, maybe others do it too.

Quoting from my bug:
- Modifying them (B-D) on the fly can mean that they change without you noticing
  it. This is not bad for the actual built you do, but now think about later
  builds. Our autobuilders will get the changed Build-Dependencies and then
  may built a different thing.
  Or think about NMUs (eg. for RC fixes and stuff) or in worst case even
  security updates.

More in the bug.

bye Joerg
>D. You've just heard about this great program and would like to package
>it, what are your next steps?
I would start off by sighing deeply and wishing I were already a DD. :-)
If I were already a DD, I would perform most of these same steps.  I
would omit the deep sigh and replace it with a gasp of excitement,[...]

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