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Re: release policy changes

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> one more thing: C++ dependencies are currently "hidden" within
> build-essential.  Currently you cannot see this dependency from the
> outside, if the code is not dynamically linked to libstdc++ (or
> doesn't use libstdc++ at all).  I'm proposing to require a build
> dependency on a virtual package `c++abi2-dev', which will be provided
> by g++-3.4/g++-4.0, which let's you specify this dependency
> explicitely, at least for C++ sources, where binaries built from these
> sources do not depend on libstdc++.

I'm confused: if a program doesn't link to libstdc++, then why exactly
does a dependency need to be declared?  That is, if the package builds
correctly with only packages in build-essential, then why should some
other package get listed?

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