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Re: PTS rewrite in Django

On Sat, 20 Apr 2013, Pankaj Kumar Sharma wrote:
> I have understood the "web" part of PTS. Now I want to  use the PTS
> email interface [2]. I could not figure out how to setup a similar
> interface on my local machine using the codebase of PTS.

Debian servers use exim with a configuration that supports .forward-*
and aliases files to define the various addresses available on the virtual

The .forward-default is the most important one that receives almost all
incoming mails (it's the catchall address). .forward-_control is
_control@packages.qa.debian.org aka pts@qa.debian.org.
.forward-_news is _news@packages.qa.debian.org which is subscribed to

That said you don't need to setup everything like this for your own tests.
Having scripts that accept mails in stdin is enough in most cases.

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